Dentures (Complete or partial)

denture.jpgA denture is a removable dental appliance that replaces missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. Dentures are designed to be comfortable and functional. They are very similar in appearance to natural teeth and can dramatically improve your smile and facial appearance.

There are two types of dentures - complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures replace all natural teeth and cover the entire upper or lower jaw. These dentures rest directly on the gum and provide support for the cheeks and lips. A partial denture is a removable replacement used for patients that have some of their teeth but are missing some teeth. The partial denture consists of a metal framework supporting plastic denture teeth in the missing teeth areas. This denture attaches to the natural teeth with clasps or wires. A partial denture fills in the spaces of the missing teeth, and also prevents other teeth from shifting.

Your dentist may recommend dentures for the following reasons:

  • To replace missing teeth in the mouth
  • Enhancing smile and appearance.
  • Improving chewing, speech, and digestion.